Oct 2015 - Burma

Oct 2016 - Istanbul to Athens

Started her career in cooking at the Ritz Carlton dining room while still in high school student in the northern suburbs of Chicago. From the first day she walked into that kitchen she knew that this was her calling.


Her passion, love, commitment and drive has not diminished in all of her 25 years of cooking. She co-owns NAHA a restaurant located in River North with her cousin Michael.  


After celebrating 13 years of success with Naha, Carrie opened a second restaurant with her partner and cousin Michael Nahadedian.  Brindille opened in the spring of 2013.  It is considered a "refined Parisian" restaurant.


Naha has been awarded a Michelian star for the past three years.  Carrie was awarded the James Beard "Best Chef" Great Lakes in 2008.

Carrie Nahabedian

Carlos and Debbie Nieto have been involved in the restaurant business since the early 1970’s.  Today they run four successful Highland Park restaurants: Nieto's, Café Central, The Happ Inn, and the Freehling Room at Ravina.


The Carlos’ Restaurant has evolved into what is now Nieto’s.  It has maintained its excellence partly because Carlos Nieto distinguished himself as a superb judge of talent. He knew what he had to do to make not just a first-rate restaurant, but a first-rate restaurant that people would want to visit over and over.


"I'm always re-inventing the restaurant," he says, and whether that means changing the menu, redecorating, or updating the cooking style, his goal is always the same: to reinforce in customers the sense that you're getting a special treat by visiting our restaurant. 

Carlos Nieto

Kevin Hickey

Other Chefs that travel with us...

Rick Tramonto, Tony Mantuano, Gayle Gand, Katrina Markoff, & Art Smith

Oct 2016 - Mediterranean

​2017 TBA - Russia/Baltic or

                  Spanish Riveria

"Culinary Adventures goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of us.  Everything from finding us great hotels, to making our dinner reservations, are carefully planned and well thought out.  We've been to so many beautiful places on the suggestions that Cindy gives us, and her personalized touch makes it a truly special experience every time.   We look forward to working with Cindy for all of our future travel."  

Rick & Eileen Tramonto, TRU/Cenitare Restaurants, Chicago, Wheeling, IL


"Cindy has exquisite taste for the secret luxury finds! Her excursions are not only experience oriented but she designs a truly avant garde travel plan unique and specific to your taste.  Culinary Adventures is the connection to the now in the world of high end travel." 

Katrina Markoff Chocolatier/CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas


"Cindy and her staff are the finest in the business. We have traveled the world with our closest friends and top clients for over 12 years arranged by CTA. She is so thorough with all plans to insure that your trip is perfect in every way.  We wouldn't think of going anywhere or on any trip without Cindy's expertise.  We love her!” Carlos & Debbie Nieto, Carlos' Restaurant, Cafe Central * Highland Park, IL 


"Our experience with Culinary Travel Adventures was the one of the best we've ever had. All of the details are meticulously taken care of. Service is top notch with every cruise line, hotel, tour group and restaurant involved. Speciallty excursions like touring La Boqueria market in Barcelona are highlights. Cindy Polster knows the places and the people who will make your trip truly memorable."

Chef and authors of The Spiaggia Cookbook, Tony and Cathy Mantuano, Spiaggia, Chicago James Beard Award Winner, Midwest