Celebrity Chefs

Our culinary cruises are the perfect combination for those who love fine food and luxury travel. Culinary Travel Adventures has been doing this for nearly 20 years!


We partner with top luxury  cruise lines, hotels, and tour companies.


We specialize in luxury travel for individuals and small groups.


Many Chicago celebrity chefs have traveled with us; including Rick Tranonto, Tony Mantuano, Gayle Gand, Art Smith, Katrina Markoff, Kevin Hickey, and Carlos Nieto.

Culinary Cruising

Our Celebrity Chefs customize their trips by personally selecting their voyage, designing shore excursions, hosting meals at local restaurants, tour local markets and wineries, host on-board cooking demonstrations, dinners, and cocktail parties.

Many times they include special pre or post cruise events that might include a group dinner at a local restaurant or a group outing to a winery.

About Us...

Luxury Travel

Fine Food 


Culinary travel has been growing due to the interest in all things culinary. Cruise lines are taking it to the next level by adding to the onboard experience with a wide variety of food and wine.  Ships are also offering cooking classes, galley tours, special dinners prepared by master chefs, food and wine tastings, market visits, and cocktail parties. 


There are rare chances to meet world famous chefs and experience their cuisine.


The opportunities to know more about food and wine are now coupled with cruising from one magnificent  port to another. 


Many cruise lines now offer a variety of culinary themed cruises.  


Call us to find the perfect one for you!


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